To learn about horses is a lifelong study. We are happy to offer classes of Riding Lessons, Groundwork, Horse Care and Tack. Our horsemanship philosophy is based on Natural Horsemanship & Western Riding, but we want to give participants a broad spectrum so we also teach English riding and Clicker (positive reinforcement) Training.


The teaching method is Mentoring, you will be thought why, and from there learn how to seek your own answer. 


We recommend to the 3 session "Start-up". This is suitable for the advance rider that wants to gain a different perspective, the first time rider, rider that wants to gain confidence or the rider that just want a "tune-up".


A 3 Lesson set up

Lesson 1 - TRUST     2h

The Goal of this Class is to gain mutual Trust, Human/Horse.

We are looking back at the horse as a heard animal/mammal/pray animal. And we start the first demonstrations of the horses internal communication, and how we use it to communicate. Round pen work and how to make the horse understand us, trust us and finally Join-up (Monthy Roberts) which means he will freely walk up to you and follow you around. We saddle up, and start the first step on bringing the focus and clear signals to do almost invisible Reining (western one hand neck-rein)

Lesson 2 - LEADERSHIP 2h
The Goal of this class is to enhance the riders Leadership role. We will start with a different type of groundwork called Halter-Drive. It is a ground work where the rider demands more movement of the horse, goal is still to make it flawless and looking like a dance with the horse. We saddle up and move over to the riding part. This lesson will pick up where last lesson ended, and move over to gate changes

This lesson will be at Mansfield Park Arena, or Gravity Check Saloon/Arena, based on riders choice. We will saddle up, load up horses in a trailer and haul out to a larger outdoor arena. This class start with Halter Drive at the arena, When Rider and Horse are in harmony and leadership is established, we mount. In the Arena we will work on the basic western riding technique. Depending on progress we might repeat previous lessons and combine them, we might remove the reins and ride with no hands or we might work on seat and position. It is all customized.