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During a 5 day Horse Vacation we will be able to to cover a lot what Bandera County has to offer for Equestrians, and better so, we will have time to really work on horsemanship. You will be able to spend 24h a day working with us on the ranch with our rescue horses and learn the secrets to rehabilitate traumatized horses. This private stay is a once in a lifetime experience for any equestrian. Below is an example of a Itinerary, but as always, we customize to your wish:

Day 1, Monday, 

Check in 2PM

2pm Meet horses

2pm Introducing Horsemanship - The Natural Horse

4pm Horsemanship - part 2 Body Language, ground work

6 pm 1h ride on the property to get to know your horse for the week

1h riding


Day 2 Tuesday 

8am, head to Hill Country State Natural Area

4h Riding


Day 3 Wednesday 

1pm ride starts from the Ranch headed to town of Bandera. 6pm, tie up horses at 11st cowboy bar and go for the famous Steak Night.

8pm Horses trailed home and transport offered.

5h riding 


Day 4 Thursday 

1pm Mansfield park arena, training in western pleasure/reining 1,5h

5pm sorting practice at J2M ranch 1h, or another 2h trail ride at Hill Country State Natural Area.

3-5h riding


Day 5 Friday 

9am ride on private ranch in Medina. Free range riding, hills, meadows, oak forest, river and Creek

2h riding

Check out at noon


September-February $1030

March - August and holidays $1520 

includes, 17h riding and stay at 3 bedroom 2 bath farm house with fully equipped kitchen. Grocerys is provided at house for making brekfast/lunch and BBQ is served every night at the Creekside, or optional Ride to Steak Night at 11st Cowboy Bar (Wednesdays), Ride to hitch up and eat at TJ's Old Forage

Stay at the farm house thats located about 600ft from the barn passed the creek. Surrounded by nature, deer and horses.


Take  the chance to participate in working with our rescue horses

During this week, we will take you to two of the most gorgeous riding areas in the Texas Hill Country, Louise Merrics old ranch which is today Hill Country State Natural Area with 5300ac riding. And we will also take you to a absolutely gorgeous private 500ac private ranch in Medina for free range riding!! If you like, we can visit these places several times during the week, but we also have something special in mind for you. We can ride from the ranch all the way in to town and go to the towns most popular weekly event, Steak Night. And we also love to offer tutorial riding in Western Pleasure,  Reining, Trail and Sorting.

So get ready to hang out with a Cowboy couple for a week!!!

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