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Exclusive Private Ranch in "Swizerland" of Texas

Do you dream about vast open ranges, rivers and mountains? Do you want to see a "real" Ranch, and lope on the field.... Then this is the ride for you! Oak forest, meadow, creek, wildlife, river, climbs and amazing scenery! We ride among beautiful heard of mules that most times want to come and visit with us.

This is the most advanced riding location we have, all riders must be able to comfortable control their horse. We offer this ride to frequent advance riders, and riders that book a package with us that includes lessons.

COST: $150 per person


Restrictions: min age 10, max weight 200lbs. Safety and health of our horses is our main concern. Unfortunately our quarte horses are relatively small, therefore we are not able to accommodated riders over 200lbs (read more)

Time: 2h

Pace: walk - lope

Includes: Horse and Guide, water on trail, admission to property


The Ranch is located 30min outside Bandera




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