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Found the peace in the horse and want do go deeper? A full week will give you a chance to fully embrace and reflect. We offer a basic package of stay plus tree hour daily time with the horses (Mon-Sun). But we are more than happy to offer options of food included or also with sessions on site by Texas Certified Therapist

Check in at Willow Creek Ranch at 2pm. We will start in the pasture next to the Farm house where we will meet the horses. Focus for today is to start opening up your mind towards the horses. Supper can be arrange, or feel free to BBQ or cook out in the large kitchen

The house will have plenty to choose from for your breakfast, enjoy inside or sit on the porch listening to the birds. About 9AM we will meet again for the second session.  Today we will start mirroring our self in the horses

Check out at Noon

A Retreat - 1 night

Time and again, this majestic animal have proven to be great healers. Their strong emphatic sense and natural heard behavior, helps us see our self, calms and soothes our souls, just like a SPA with horses

The horses are our teachers, absolutely no previous horse experience needed. Sessions will be on the ground where you will receive guiding in opening up your mind to interpret the horse.

Our horses once was healed, and they are now more than anyone ready to help us, stress relief, self identifying, leadership and so on

The Trail to Happiness

On the picture here, is Rooster a little horse with a big heart that spent 9 months in Kill Pen loop, troumatized, starved and stressed out. He had a note with him, saying "Rooster has been ridden by our little 12 year old girl on the ranch"

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