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We believe all horses deserve a second chance and loving home! 2016 we started to take in non-ridable horses to rehabilitate and retrain. In order to finance their living, we started offering Specialized Private Trail Rides with the ready trained horses. This started as a hobby, and is now constantly growing. We very are happy that you all can get to enjoy these wonderful horses and help more horses 


This wonderful 24 year old Grullo Gelding is absolute the best horse we ever have had!

He has a excellent neck-rein, a real gentleman that for sure have done an excellent Ranch job in his earlier days.

It is hard to believe that this guy came from the kill-pen Oct 2015.

Anyone will love and enjoy this guy. And he is our very best kid horse.

Wrangler passed away of old age the 9th December 2021




Freckles was given away as a free horse end of 2017, very thin and getting up in her age. We took her in and was happy to see her gaining weight. But it was not just hay, it was a little colt that grew there. 2018 May 5th little Cinco was born. 

Freckles is for her age a really enjoyable Fire Cracker. She is Mexican branded and trained. a big engine to this lady. She is now a Rehomed and borded with us



Missippi Rein

This Older lady is an absolutely Gorgeous Quartwe horse mare.

She came from this area being a hand down horse as she started to gain age. She worked with us for a year, but then she became retired because of her advanced arthritis. She is extremely friendly and personable and great for pony rides at the Ranch  




This beautiful soul was noted as 10 year old Thoroughbred Mare. She was unloaded at the kill pen from a trailerload full of old mares.

She is now with us in rehab. She has a lip tattoo saying A3925 or A3928. It is not a Thoroughbred registration, we are trying to find out more information. 

She has recently had a foal, so she might have been used as broodmare 



This gorgeous Dunn Palamino mare was given to one of our guest ranches, but she gravely misbehaved, and 2019 she moved in to another private home to gain some weight, and then she ended up at the local Horse Rescue. 

Bonnie is a easy going take it slow girl. 

Bonnie is now rehomed to a family in Bandera



Llano is about 10-12 years old paint. He was surrendered to the Bluebonnet Rescue organisation, and is now in foster and training with us.

He has lost an eye, and was extremely distrustful to humans when he came to us. 

He is now the most cuddliest horse i ever met. When something get tighten around him, he gets PTSD like reactions. This is gradually getting much better, and we will soon have him ridable as wrangler horse


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