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Before making a reservation, please take the opportunity to learn about what a ride intails about restrictions, cancellation policy and waiver

Please note, that we do our rides on 3 different locations. At our Ranch, Hill Country State Natural Area and in Bandera, the Cowboy Capital. Your confirmation email will have the address for your appointment. All rides are in private group, with few exeptions, where in such case it is noted in headline of availability "Mixe group"

Reservation for a Day Ride is confirmed per full payment. Reservation for any of out Overnight trips/packages is confirmed per 20% Downpayment

Riding Experience

We are happy to accommondate all level of riders, from first timers to horse owners. At the point of reservation we ask for previous riding experience in order to plan a suitable horse for each rider. 

Beginner, is generally a rider that has no experience, or ridden a few times in life

Intermediate rider, is a person with various riding experience in different terrain and a frequent rider

Advanced rider, is a rider that has extensive experience and are capable of training a horse

If there are any special concerns or requests please feel free to let us know at the point of reservation, and we are happy to accommodate to the best ability


The total maximum weight that a horse should carry is recommended not ot exeed 20% of its own bodey weight without taking damage. This however depends on age and general shape as well. As per insurance guiedlines, the maximum weight we can accomondate for horseback rides is 220lbs walk only. Faster than a walk, maximum weight is 180lbs. 

For our 1h ride, minimum age is 8 years and up, for the longer rides it is 10 years and up. Double riding is not allowed as it is very dangerous.

All riders must be physically fit to ride, and capable of taking instructions provided of how to handle the horse when riding. For any questions or reccommendations, please call us at 830-328-2203 and we are happy to assist


A shoe with covered toe is mandatory to wear. 

We do highly reccommend jeans or some kind of long pants. This to prevent saddle burn/rub and scratches from branches.

A long sleeve shirt is to prefer

We provide for all rides a saddle bag/horn bag and a bottle of water

Cancellation Policy

Any time Bandera Historical Rides need to cancel, due to weather, safety or unforseen sircumstances, we offer a full refund or of course rebooking as customers prefer.

For Day Rides, full refund is offered up to a week before appointment. From a week of the appointment 50% is refunded. Same day cancellation is not refunded. Rebooking is offered with no charge up to a day before the ride.


For overnight packages and campout, the 20% of total booking is not refunded at any point, exept in case of cancellation from Bandera Historical Rides, in such case we offer full refund. Rebooking is offered with no charge up to a week from the appointment.. 


All riders are required to sign a waiver prior to the ride. Riders under 18, a guardian must sign the waiver. 

Waivers will be sent electronically per reservation and can be signed beforehand, or it can be signed in paper on site. 

Link to our Online Waivers

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