Your Wranglers & Owners

We are a Family owned and Operated business. Harrieth Stewart (left) and Tom Lamonica (right) care for horses, lessons, horsemanship and ride with y'all.



Harrieth, born and raised in Finland. Riding since age of 4. Harness racing, pony racing, jumping, dressage, reining, training horses/mules, Equine Assisted Learning Certified, Equine Sports Massage Certified...pretty much just anything with Equines

Tom, born and raised in Colorado. Cowboying in Arizona New Mexico in younger days, and then followed by Wrangling )taking care of horses and guided rides) at large Guest Ranches

What we are about..
What we are about..

Philosopy is to give riders the best and safest experience of riding. We are happy to take good time to show you how to "ride" and learn about your horse. We do not do typical nose-to-tail, so riders need to be able to handle their horse by them self. And yes, ALL rides are in private groups.

We believe that all horses can have a job! We rescue and retrain at Major Hope Corral where we also offer horsemanship and riding lessons and pony rides. This is the the way to finance the program for re-training and re-establishing horses. And we also have a gift shop specifically to support the rehabilitation/retraining of the horses that still not work as trail horses or have been re-homed. For all that stay at the ranch, you will have the opportunity to join in the rehabilitation/retraining



Your Booking Expert

“Howdy, Alyssa here. Here's a little about me and my back ground. Grew up in and around the outskirts of San Antonio, Rio Medina area. Started riding at age 6, with a little paint pony. Was hooked then and there, thanks to my grandpa. Rode and Rodeo'd through high school and college. And have continued through with the love of horses with my children.”


Hannah is 22 years old and grew up on a ranch outside of Medina riding horses and mules. She has recently moved back to the area to finish collage at Schreiner University in Kerrville. Hanna is Exited to be back in the saddle doing what she loves!

The Operation

We transport the horses to most all riding destinations, so all rides needs to be pre-booked except if you visit Major Hope Corral.