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We believe all horses deserve a second chance and loving home! We take in non-ridable horses to rehabilitate and retrain. When they are acclimated and ready, they will start working as trail horses or we find them an adoption home.


Wyatt is a spirited and very very handy 9 year old gelding. He is about 14.3 tall, and has an excellent neck-rein and loves to work. When he came to us, he was afraid of humans and hard to catch, but he has turned around perfectly, first up to meet you and put his nose in the halter. This boy has the most wonderful jog and lope. This is the ultimate Cowboy Horse!!


He do great with a intermediate-experienced. Weight limit 230lbs




Concho is a 16 years old Quarterhorse gelding. He must have been a ranch horse in his previous job, because he is very handy and accepting. As a pretty Palomino, he always get a lot of attention even if he is only 14h tall. He will walk out anywhere you ask him to, but he dont wnat to be without his humans or horsefriends.


Suitable for beginners and children. Weight limit 170lbs

Veni (Bubba)

Veni is 15 years old Limeback Dunn (buckskin). 15.2 tall. Shoot off and practice Reining. He is the boss in the herd right now. Calm reliable and protective. Been ridden in parades. Can have a mind of his own sometimes tho. Wonderful jog and smoot nice lope. He loves to gallop, and on a open field, he is constantly listening for the kissing sound so that he can take off and have fun with his rider. Weight limit 180lbs



Habibi means my darling in arabic. And this 17 year old arab sure is a darling. A bigger heart you will have to look for. He rides Englis, rening and can ride bareback without bridel. He has recently learned that he is fastest horse in town, and if you ask him to open up, he sure will fly! He loves humans, french fries and coffee. About 14.3 tall


He can be ridden by anyone that will love him


This wonderful 18 year old Grullo Gelding is absolut the best horse we ever have had!


He has a excellent neck-rein, a real gentleman that for sure have done an excellent Ranch job in his earlier days.


It is hard to belive that this guy came from the kill-pen Oct 2015.

Anyone will love and enjoy this guy. And he is our very best kid horse.

Weight limit 150lbs



This is the eye catcher of the group! Frosty is a white 8 year old mule.


Newcomer and youngest heart breaker in the herd, loves kisses. If you like to ride gated horses, you have to try this guy! He simply fly forward in a smooth walk. Goes anywhere, and nothing bothers him, parades or climbing high up in the Hill Country.

This guy is our strongest worker. Suitable for adults, beginner but advanced will really enjoy this ride! Weight limit 240lbs


Meet Rosy! She is about 8 years old, 14.2 tall, came from a reservation in Montana to the Kill Pen in Oklahoma, and from there to us.

5 months after she came here, she got started, now a year later, she works as guest horse, beginner to advanced.

She always greet her people, and love to go out for rides. She is absolutely a sweetheart, and love treats. She is a lady that is in absolutely no hurry


This 20 years old Appalosa is about 16.1 hands tall. He has been working at one of Banderas Guest Ranches for 15 years. Recently he lost his job, and where up for sale to a forever home. Unfortunately no one bought him. He has now moved in with us, and after some evaluation, he is now a worker.

Whiskey loves TLC and baths. on the trails he is not in a hurry, rather just chug along. His Carpal bone is slowly wearing out, so therefore this guy will only do easier jobs which he enjoys.

Excellent beginner horse, weight limit 120 lbs


Eds Bar Smoke is a registered 15year old AQHA mare thats born in Nebraska and ended up at Kill Pen in Dallas.

She is a big hardworking girl with lots of love in her heart. She will do anything you ask of her.

On her freetime she prefers to hang out next to her boyfriend Bubba

weight limit 220lbs


6 year old Standardbred mare born in Kansas, did harness race and then sold to Amish, had a still born colt that tore her up, so she ended up in Kill Pen.

She has been with us since August and gone through surgery and rehabilitation.

She is now ridable and in training and you will see her this summer as Wrangler horse



About 15 year old Buckskin Paint. His a little hardworking man.

He came from Kaufman killpen, and before that Louisiana Bastrop. There was a note with his record saying that his name is Rooster and he was ridden by a 12 year old girl.

Rooster is right now a wrangler horse and in training. He is very cute and sure have the girls hearts





Lill miss Daisy came with Tucker, she is just 2 year old Appaloosa Filly. We are right now just feeding her and letting her grow up.

She was a bit underweight, but gaining weight now in a pasture with extra graining. She has whats called Cow-leg, so we hope that shell grow out of it so that she can be ridable withtout taking damage.

Se is as sweet as can be and very calm




Cinco is born here on the Ranch, 5th of May 2018. His mom, Freckles is from the area a throw-away pony. That came to us, Cinco is a surprise, and a really cute one!

Right now he is just in a pasture growing up. He is very polite, leads, picks up his feet and loooove taking a bath




5 year old Saddlebred (mix?) horse Turcker is also called Goofy. He is a very friendly and curious guy. He plays with everyting and follow as a dog.


He has been passed on from home to home in the area.

Right now he is in training to get ridden, have one ride on tucker (pic)


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