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Major Hope


15h Thouroughbred mare aged to 23 years

Came in as a broodmare. Started under saddle and has joined trail rides at Bandera City Park, and went as wrangler horse.

A big engine an willing to work hard. Stunning smooth jog and lope. Very light in her mouth and she has picked very well up on neck reining. She prefers one person and will create a strong bond. 


Jack & Jill

Buggy Team Jack&Jill

Jill is registered STB Spring Jazz 25 years old. Jack is unregistered STB, aged about same. These two used to work at Buggy Barn, and as Christmas carriage rides, so been there done that. Very very easy to handle and polite horses. With us Jack has been driven single buggy in parade and started under saddle. Both has been teachers for children that want to learn how to groom and lead and climb all over them! Bomb proof


Daisy Mae

6 year old 14.1 Appaloosa pony (pony of americas) filly

Gorgeous very sweet in your pocket filly. Currently guest horse. EXCELLENT! Town, parade, statepark, she is extremely willing to please. Farriers dream, spotless groundmanners. This little mare can go as far as rider want her to!! Because her age and potential, we wish her to grow to her full potential with a private family. She is not for rehoming, but for sale $8500



12 year old Rez Mustang Mare, 14.1h

This is a very responsive handy working horse! Roped off, parades, town rides, lesson horse, all business... she is a guest horse and have been for 4 years. Built like a tank. She is a way too easy keeper.... she needs to be on a diet, and because of her pigeon toe, she will need a special front shoe. Anyone looking for a all round working horse and partner, or trail horse that will be same no matter how often you ride, this is her... She is for sale $7500


Major Hope

26 year old STB 15.2 tall

Major Hope himself have been started under saddle and worked as kid starter horse here at the Ranch. Bomb proof grumpy looking very respectful and all business. He LOVES attention, grooming and love. and he will take good care of grandkids and is up for rehoming to loving home

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