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Major Hope

Frey & Loki

These two are right now not vetted or retrained. So project horses

Loki is a BLM mustang red roan gelding, stout and stocky. He is slightly shy, but there is a great and funny personality coming out

Frey is a young sorrel filly, approx 14.2 tall. Brand has been removed, but she is said to be out of bucking stock. She is very curious and brave. This will make a great horse any way she goes

Frey and Loke.jpg


1992 model appaloosa gelding 15.2 tall. Turn him out in the pasture and pull him up 6 months later and he is the same. He has done trail rides and parades, nothing faces him, this is a true SAFE horse. Very easy keeper, easts maintenance grain and hay only. Updated on coggins & shots. Loves attention and grooming and specially water and baths. Excellent ground manners. He has a old mental trauma of sitting back if tied up and he is being approached around his head, so just keep it slow and its all good. He use to work on a guest ranch doing quite heavy loads on rough terrain, so shoulders is bothering him going down hill. Riding he likes to just walk and take it easy. In the pasture, his age sure will fool you  if there are mares in the group, there needs to be a more dominant gelding keeping him in trim, otherwise he gets possessive. We still use him as trail horse occasionally when we need a extra kid/teenage horse, and he will always deliver! But again, we do have so many horses, and its very way due time this wonderful beautiful guy gets his own person/family 


2003 Model 13hh Power Pack Mare!

This girl is absolutely wonderful! Never mind when she is born, she is at excellent health and strength. She has one blind eye, but that do not bother her at all. 


Rides great, very light and much forward, but still with flawless breaks. She is gated, and walks out very fast, so she is not fond of the slow walk-only-nose-to-tail. So she is up for rehoming 



12 year old Rez Mustang Mare, 14.1h

This is a very responsive handy working horse! Roped off, parades, town rides, lesson horse, all business... she is a guest horse and have been for 4 years. Built like a tank. She is a way too easy keeper.... she needs to be on a diet, and because of her pigeon toe, she will need a special front shoe. Anyone looking for a all round working horse and partner, or trail horse that will be same no matter how often you ride, this is her... She is for sale $7500




A 1998 model Arabian Gelding 15.1 with a big heart. He has lots of love and play in him and loves people. He is a bit timid by other horses, but still of course like to have a friend close by. Only way to tell his age is that he moves out a bit stiff when he first sets off, but then smooth fun ride. Hi d pastern has started to drop a bit, but no heat or swelling after riding. Little ticklish in flanks and can grunt or swish his tail when touched. He is fed soaked alfaalfa cubes and soaked senior grain, pasture grass and he stays fat on that. He had an erupted esophagus 5 years ago and can not eat hay. He absolutely love girls, and we use him sometimes when extra line horse is needed, but we have so many other horses so this loving fellow dont get the attention he wants. He has done trail rides, parades, arena lessons. We would love to see him have his own person/family. Before he got to us, he had been in endurance and jumping. He rides both english and western, bareback or saddle, all goes. Excellent handling and doctoring. Whistle, and he will come galloping to you


15h Thouroughbred mare aged to 23 years

Came in as a broodmare. Started under saddle and has joined trail rides at Bandera City Park, and went as wrangler horse.

A big engine an willing to work hard. Stunning smooth jog and lope. Very light in her mouth and she has picked very well up on neck reining. She prefers one person and will create a strong bond. 

She does great on trails, but I can easy see that she would excell in arena too

Im Interested in Rehoming one of these horses

Thanks for submitting!

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